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  • Corscadden Park interpretive signage

    Corscadden Park interpretive signage

    Delighted to be working with City of Moreton Bay (again) and SLR Consulting (for the first time) on interpretive signage for Corscadden Park in Redcliffe.  Exploring the local history, First Nations cultural heritage and natural environment of this very inviting and interesting place.  Previously worked with Moreton Bay Regional Council on the Bongaree Trail interpretive…

  • Bongaree Trail interpretive signage

    Bongaree Trail interpretive signage

    A series of 12 interpretive signs along the Bongaree foreshore on Bribie Island. From Bribie’s first people to Australia’s first opera, the signs explore some of the rich histories, colourful characters and remarkable stories making Bribie the amazing place it is today. The signs also invite the reader to share their own Bribie story and…

  • Gladstone’s Police Creek interpretive signage

    Gladstone’s Police Creek interpretive signage

    Police Creek is an important part of Gladstone’s natural environment, local history and cultural heritage. This series of interpretive signs along a popular walking trail in Gladstone explains the historical, environmental and cultural significance of the local watercourse. The signage details the life and history of the creek, including some rather confronting and previously undocumented…

  • Birdsville’s Thutirla Pula Story Place interpretive signage

    Birdsville’s Thutirla Pula Story Place interpretive signage

    One of the most important Dreamtime stories from Central Australia is that of Thutirla Pula—the Two Boys. This series of interpretive signs at a significant Aboriginal ceremonial site in the Queensland Outback town of Birdsville presents a local telling of the story. Working with designer Adrienne Williams from See-Saw, we travelled to the very remote Birdsville to survey…

  • Wivenhoe Dam interpretive signage

    Wivenhoe Dam interpretive signage

    Like most dams, Wivenhoe serves several functions. A series of 10 interpretive signs about the dam, river, local Aboriginal culture, native flora and fauna, and recreational activities. Interesting stuff. Oh and there’s a lovely story about a little forest that a local school built and named—see the Ferncassy Forest sign. Client: Wivenhoe Alliance | Design:…

  • Cairns Indigenous heritage display

    Cairns Indigenous heritage display

    The colonists never left, but the free food and blankets didn’t last. A series of six interpretive display panels on Cairns Esplanade exploring the region’s Indigenous history and cultural heritage. The copy was researched and written in consultation with Yidinji and Yirriganydji elders. Client: Cairns City Council | Design: Dot Dash

  • Brisbane City Botanic Gardens interpretive signage

    Brisbane City Botanic Gardens interpretive signage

    A dozen or so interpretive signs that talk about the gardens’ history and tell the story of some interesting, significant and spooky specimens.