Birdsville’s Thutirla Pula Story Place interpretive signage

Thutirla Pula 1 entrance

One of the most important Dreamtime stories from Central Australia is that of Thutirla Pula—the Two Boys.

Thutirla Pula 2 welcome

This series of interpretive signs at a significant Aboriginal ceremonial site in the Queensland Outback town of Birdsville presents a local telling of the story.

Thutirla Pula 3 intro

Working with designer Adrienne Williams from See-Saw, we travelled to the very remote Birdsville to survey the site, plan the interpretation program, meet with the stakeholders, and tease out the story with park ranger and elder, Don Rowlands. Naturally we enjoyed the excellent hospitality of the Birdsville Hotel.

Thutirla Pula 4 men
Thutirla Pula 5 lookout

The project creates an important cultural attraction for the town. It commemorates a significant story place in Aboriginal country and culture. And it tells the local chapter of a big Dreamtime story that spans the desert.

Thutirla Pula 6 women
Thutirla Pula 7 thank you

Clients: Don Rowlands & the Wangkangurru/Yarluyandi people, Qld Parks & Wildlife Service, Desert Channels Qld, Diamantina Shire Council | Design: See-Saw