Tag: See-Saw

  • Gladstone’s Police Creek interpretive signage

    Police Creek is an important part of Gladstone’s natural environment, local history and cultural heritage. This series of interpretive signs along a popular walking trail in Gladstone explains the historical, environmental and cultural significance of the local watercourse. The signage details the life and history of the creek, including some rather confronting and previously undocumented…

  • QPWS marine life mobile display

    Turtles are exceptional navigators. Females return to nest on the same beaches where they were born.   A series of interpretive banners exploring the Queensland coastal marine environment. Part of a mobile display for QPWS.           Client: Qld Parks & Wildlife Service | Design: See-Saw

  • Birdsville’s Thutirla Pula Story Place interpretive signage

      One of the most important Dreamtime stories from Central Australia is that of Thutirla Pula—the “Two Boys”.     This series of interpretive signs at a significant Aboriginal ceremonial site in the Queensland Outback town of Birdsville presents a local telling of the story.     Working with designer Adrienne Williams from See-Saw, we travelled to the…