Gladstone’s Police Creek interpretive signage

Police Creek IMG_7249


Police Creek is an important part of Gladstone’s natural environment, local history and cultural heritage.


Police Creek node 1


This series of interpretive signs along a popular walking trail in Gladstone explains the historical, environmental and cultural significance of the local watercourse.


Police Creek node 2


The signage details the life and history of the creek, including some somewhat controversial, previously undocumented local history.


Police Creek node 3


Content was developed in consultation with numerous representatives from Council, industry, local Indigenous communities, and environment and community groups.


Police Creek node 4


Working with designer Adrienne Williams from See-Saw, we made several trips to Gladstone to survey the site, plan the interpretation program, meet with the client, elders, stakeholders and consultants, and take up a lot of time and space in the museum and library.


Police Creek node 5


Gladstone’s Police Creek interpretation project benefited greatly from the enthusiastic commitment of everyone involved.


Police Creek node 6


The project was an initiative of Gladstone Regional Council, and funded by the Rio Tinto Alcan Community Fund.


Police Creek node 7


Client: Gladstone Regional Council. Design: See-Saw.

Posted in May 2010
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