Mary River Sans Frontières

Mary River Sans Frontières

The Deep End

ABC Radio National

Executive Producer: Debra McCoy

In 2005, French-Australian environmental artist Francois Davin—a resident of the Mary Valley’s Kandanga—lured a number of like-minded artists from a symposium in Noosa to something of an artist-in-residence/farmstay on his home turf.

In the process, he inspired local farmers to look at their river in a way they never had before. This was well before Premier Beattie got his beady little eyes on it.

The Queensland government’s plan to dam the Mary at Traveston Crossing encouraged Francois to relaunch the project with renewed vigour.




Francois Davin—environmental artist

Elaine Brandley—grower

Maree Edmiston-Prior—artist


Mary Must Never Be Dammed—Steve Dennis