Gold or Sunshine: which is the coast with the most?

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Gold or Sunshine: which is the coast with the most?

ABC Coast FM (Gold & Sunshine Coasts)

Five x 5ish minute episodes

Executive Producer: Anthony Frangi

Commissioned by ABC Regional Production Fund

AFL or rugby? Melbourne or Sydney? Holden or Ford? Big smoke or small town? The beach or the bush? Long board or short? Boardies or budgie smugglers?

There are some great rivalries in Australian culture. But no rivalry rivals our own great debate …

Which is the coast with the most? The Gold or the Sunshine?

In this five-piece series for ABC Coast FM (ABC Local Radio on the Gold and Sunshine Coasts), some passionate local coasters talk about what it is they value about their coast …

What makes it home? What concerns them? What about the negative perceptions? And what about that other coast?



Episode 1

Dr Jen Carter: fourth generation Sunshine Coaster, geographer and social sciences lecturer

Dr Patrick West: Gold Coast academic and lecturer in creative writing and cultural studies

Episode 2

Dr Jackie Holt: Sunshine Coast work/life balance guru

John Witheriff: Gold Coast golden boy and lawyer

Episode 3

Patsy Rowe: Gold Coast etiquette queen

David “Ghostboy” Stavanger: Sunshine Coast slam poet laureate

Episode 4

Lois Levy: Gold Coast social worker, teacher and conservation activist

John Mainwaring: Sunshine Coast architect

Episode 5



Sunshine Coast band OKA

Album: “Music Makes Me Happy”

Publisher: One World Music


This program contains a light-hearted reference to the late Steve Irwin. It was recorded and produced just weeks before Steve’s untimely death. While we considered re-editing to remove the reference, we chose to leave it as it was—in good humour, sympathy and fond memory.